dietary counseling


Our office has an on-site dietitian! Ryan Vance, RDN, LD, has 10 years of experience providing dietary counseling to people of all ages. He specializes in helping people lose and manage their weight as well as fighting diseases through the power of proper nutrition. In every consultation with Ryan, you will have the opportunity to sit down for an hour with him and come up with a game plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Disease Prevention

Ryan provides clients with evidenced based nutrition recommendations and material that allows them to clearly understand the disease process and how nutrition interventions can improve their condition and lead to a better quality of life. Ryan strives to assist clients in developing sustainable and realistic changes that are attainable for each individual.    

Weight Management

Weight management can be really challenging. And that’s largely because making change is never easy and in order to see long lasting and healthful improvements we need a long term, healthy and sustainable plan. Ryan will help evaluate your relationship with food, work towards developing SMART goals, that are important to you,  and provide you with resources to help implementation changes. Developing an individualized plan, goal setting and helpful resources are essential in attaining weight management targets.