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February Newsletter

"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear." - Buddha

Colleen Shackelford, NP-C, receives American Association of Nurse Practitioners® Idaho State Award for Nurse Practitioner Excellence


Colleen Shackelford, NP-C, has been named recipient of the 2019 American Association of Nurse Practitioners® Idaho State Award for Nurse Practitioner Excellence.  This prestigious award is given annually to a dedicated nurse practitioner (NP) and NP advocate in each state.  Recipients will be honored at an awards ceremony and reception held during the AANP 2019 National Conference, June 18—23, in Indianapolis.
        The State Award for NP Excellence, founded in 1991, recognizes a NP in each state who demonstrates excellence in practice.  In 1993, the State Award for NP Advocate Excellence was added to recognize the efforts of individuals who have made a significant contribution toward increasing awareness and recognition of the NP role.
      Colleen is delighted to be receiving this award! Since completing her Masters of Science in Nursing in 2011, Colleen has been dedicated to delivering the best care to every one of her patients. People describe Colleen as “awesome” and “caring”. It is her willingness to go above and beyond that has led to where she is today. Her colleagues at Center for Lifetime Health are proud to be working along side Colleen!
        The American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the largest national professional membership organization for nurse practitioners (NPs) of all specialties, represents the interests of more than 248,000 licensed NPs practicing in the U. S. As The Voice of the Nurse Practitioner®, AANP provides legislative leadership at the local, state and national levels, advancing health policy; promoting excellence in practice, education and research; and establishing standards that best serve NP patients and other health care consumers. 


Congratulations to our Winter Wellness Team for completing the YMCA Christmas run! Your hard work paid off!

Keep an eye out for updates for our annual Winter Wellness training in the future. 

In honor of our Winter Wellness team completing their race in 30 degree weather, here is a list of the seven things we learned along the way:

1. There is such a thing as too many layers! When running outside, we
    suggest one less layer than you think you would need. You will thank us
2. Training with a group is way more fun. Grab a buddy and a go for a
3. Ear warmers are a necessity. 
4. Some days it's okay to ditch the run, go get coffee instead. 
5. Applications like Boise Trails are crucial to not getting lost. 
6. Fun socks make running a little easier.
7. And tutus obviously make you run faster!


Are you interested in receiving Dietary Counseling?
Ryan Vance, a registered dietitian, has been practicing for 10 years! Ryan enjoys being a dietitian and working closely with clients to improve their relationship with food and gain a better understanding of chronic disease and how nutrition plays a vital role. Schedule your first consult with Ryan either online or by calling our office at 208-342-7400.


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To prevent heart disease and increase awareness of its effects, Center for Lifetime Health is proudly participating in American Heart Month. Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease.

You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling and preventing risk factors is also important for people who already have heart disease. To lower your risk:

  • Watch your weight.

  • Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.

  • Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.

  • If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.

  • Get active and eat healthy.

For more information, visit The American Heart Association.

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TeleVisits are a great way to connect with your provider without the hassle of getting to our office. As long as you are in the state of Idaho, you have the ability to video chat with your provider! Most insurances will allow Televisits or it is a flat fee of $40. Schedule your appointment today on our website or give our office a call.

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2019 is all about staying active while juggling our busy lives. For many of us, that can be hard work. Check out our most recent blog post to find out  7 Ways to Live a More Active Lifestyle

November Newsletter


Happy Thanksgiving from Center for Lifetime Health!

We have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. First, we are grateful for you! Our awesome patients are the reason we do what we do. The opportunity to serve our community is hands down our favorite part. Secondly, we are grateful for our amazing providers! They spend hours outside of the office making sure that you and your family are taken care of. Lastly, we are grateful for our wonderful staff. The amount of work that goes on behind the scenes is tremendous. From the nurses to our receptionists, these ladies are constantly going the extra mile for every one of our patients. This would not be possible without you continually seeking out our care and recommending us to your friends and family. Our staff wishes you a delightful Thanksgiving! 


Tips On Keeping Your Diet On Track During The Holidays.

Being focused on your health and fitness doesn't mean you need to dread the holidays and their seemingly endless food temptations. Whether you have been building your dream body for years or have recently adopted a healthier lifestyle, the holidays can be very challenging.  It's no secret that the holiday season (Thanksgiving-New Years) is the hardest time of year to keep your diet plan on track. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays without the worry of regretting your decisions come January.

  • Do Not Restrict Yourself. It can be unfair when everybody around you is having and enjoying the food that you are not supposed to have. However, don't let your diet spoil your fun. It will not be a total disaster if you have some of the food being shared. Just be mindful of your portions, and you will be fine! 

  • Make Sure You Drink Enough Water. Water helps to satiate you and prevent you from overeating the foods that you need to keep to a minimum. Not only that, but water will also help to flush out any excess fats in your system. Try drinking some water before having your meal. This will stop you from having too much of a bad thing. Also, limit your alcohol consumption. Alcohol is packed with enough calories that will derail your diet plans. Should you drink any alcohol drink a very small amount or mix it with tonic water to reduce the calories it contains.

  • Don't Treat Food As A Reward. This concept holds all year, but it's especially relevant throughout the holidays. Don't go up to that triple layer chocolate cake and think to yourself "It's okay I worked hard all year, I deserve this." You did work hard all year. Why throw a portion of that hard work away? Your reward for the hard work is your health and a new fit, toned, confident you. 

  • Eat As Slowly As Possible. Try and enjoy the food you are having by taking your time to eat slowly. Eating slowly will mean you get to chew your food properly and allow your body to alert you the moment you are satisfied. Research has shown that most overweight people are fast eaters. Eating fast prevents the body from giving you the signal quick enough to let you know when to stop.

  • Make A Real Commitment. The holidays are the time a lot of people think it's okay to "take a break" from their diet plan. This is your chance to separate from the masses. Stay committed. Stay motivated. Stick to your plan.

The main thing is for people not to be so hard on themselves and to enjoy the holiday season for what it is. Just make sure to get back to following a sensible plan for your diet and exercise program when the holidays are over.

Gluten-Free Stuffing.jpg

Healthy Thanksgiving Dishes

Why not try something a little different this year? Both of these dishes are staples to any Thanksgiving spread but without the extra guilt. First on the menu are Holiday Roasted Vegetables, an easy to make side that everyone will love! Next, impress your family with this Gluten-Free Stuffing. Bon Appétit!

Center for Lifetime Health Office News

Open enrollment is happening now! Make sure that you choose one of our providers as your PCP. If your employer does not have us listed as an option, please contact us! We are contracted with most individual and commercial health care plans. We are not contracted with medicare or medicaid.

We now have a blog on our website! Patient education is a top priority for us which is why we will be posting articles and videos to help you be the healthiest version of yourself. Do you have ideas or want to know more about a certain topic? Submit your ideas here! Any updates will be posted on our Facebook page. Follow us to stay up-to-date!

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Busy? Not able to get into our office? TeleVisits might be the answer!

What is a TeleVisit?

A TeleVisit is the ability to video chat with your provider. Through the Healow platform, patients like you have the opportunity to talk to your provider from anywhere in the state of Idaho. Instead of paying your regular co-pay amount, there is a one time charge of $40. This is a great opportunity for people who are stuck at work and need to speak to a provider or if you find yourself sick on vacation and cannot make it to the doctor's office. Televisits are meant to provide quick and easy communication to your provider. 

How do I set up an appointment?

The easiest way to set up a Televisit is to either call our office or schedule online. When scheduling online, it is important to tell us it is a TeleVisit. 

Can I use my smart phone?

Yes! Any computer or smart phone with a video camera will work. We ask you to use headphones with a microphone for the best sound quality. 

What kind of appointments are appropriate for TeleVisits?

For simple problems, rechecks, and dietary counseling, TeleVisits offer a convenient and time-saving way to get the care you need when you need it.

Here is a list of some problems that may be seen remotely:
Any dietary issues/nutrition counseling
Cold, flu, or congestion
Sore throat
Stress and anxiety, previously diagnosed
UTIs/Bladder Infections (females 18 years or older)
Sinusitis/Sinus Infection (12 years or older)
Seasonal Allergies (5 years or older)
Upper Respiratory Infection (12 years or older)
Cold Sores (5 years or older)
Conjunctivitis/Pink Eye (2 years or older)
Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (2 years or older)
Impetigo (2 years or older)
Lice (2 years or older)
Pediatric Diaper Rash (0-5 years old)
Poison Ivy Rash (2 years or older)
Ringworm (2 years or older)
Bug Bites (5 years or older)
Scabies (5 years or older)
Shingles (5 years or older)
Sunburn (5 years or older)

October Newsletter

Happy 14th Anniversary Center for Lifetime Health!

On October 1, 2004, Dr. Eck opened the doors of our new practice! We started with a small staff of 4 and have grown to 13 over that time frame. One thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to providing high-quality, patient centered medical care for you and your family. We appreciate our providers, staff and most of all our patients for making Center for Lifetime Health your medical home for a lifetime of health!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every October, the color pink pops up everywhere. From athletes wearing pink socks to companies changing the color of their logo. People all around are raising awareness of this dreadful disease. Since awareness has heightened, the death rates have slowly decreased. Women are becoming more educated every year on the signs, symptoms, and early detection practices. If you or someone you know would like to know more about early detection of breast cancer, the National Breast Cancer Foundation has put together a free guide. This guide outlines the importance of monthly breast exams and yearly mammograms. 

According to research, about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over their lifetime. However, women are not the only ones that can develop breast cancer. A man’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000. Our staff encourages you to take the next step in educating yourself about this disease. Schedule your yearly physical and talk to your doctor if you are having any symptoms.


How to beat the Halloween Sugar Craze

Halloween is about to be in full swing in the next couple of weeks. I hope you have your costume ready! One of the biggest concerns that parents have around Halloween is the abundance of candy their kids receive. It can be quite scary not knowing the amount of sugar that your child is consuming during the month of October. However, you and your child can enjoy Halloween without the guilt of eating that Snickers bar. Keep reading for tips and tricks to beating the sugar craze.

1) Candy should be a dessert, not a meal replacement. After receiving a nutritious meal, allow your kids to enjoy some candy. This teaches them the importance of moderation by only eating a few pieces. 
2) When Halloween is over and the candy bowl is overflowing, have your children pick their favorites. Let them know to "make it worth it" when deciding. This allows them to enjoy their treats instead of eating them in volume. 
3) Be the example! Everyone knows how hard it is to avoid candy around Halloween. Show your kids its not about what you eat but how much. This will teach them balanced food habits for the rest of their lives. 
4) Give the candy away! Did you know you can sell your Halloween candy for coupons, services, or goods to support the troops? Around the Treasure Valley, there are multiple locations that participate. You can check them out here.

CMS 43.jpg

This month marks two years that Colleen Shackelford has been a provider at Center for Lifetime Health! We are very grateful to have her on our team to provide quality care to every one of her patients. Since her move from Eagle in 2016, many of Colleen's patients have been dedicated to seeking out her care. One word that patients use to describe Colleen is "Awesome". She is constantly going the extra mile to make sure her patients are well cared for. Thank you Colleen, for all that you do!


Have you received your flu shot yet?

The CDC recommends getting your flu shot by the end of October! Call our office to schedule your appointment. You can learn more about the flu vaccine by clicking here.

Center for Lifetime Health Office News

This month, Destini Davison, will be completing her Masters! She is graduating from Idaho State University with a Masters of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences. She said, "I am most looking forward to being able to use my degree to better my part of patient care at our office," congrats Destini!