10 Delicious Meal Prep Ideas

When it comes to healthy eating, the biggest challenge that most people have is not having enough time to create delicious meals. It can be hard when you are hungry and do not want to wait to make food. Or you forgot to make lunch because you did not have enough time in the morning. However, meal prepping for even a couple of day’s worth of food can make a huge difference in reaching your goals or just eating healthier foods in general. Below is a list of 10 delicious meal prep recipe ideas that you can make for your week.


1.       Burrito Bowls. Easy and delicious!

2.       Tuna Salad. Pairs great with your favorite crackers.

3.       Mango Chicken Bowls. Everything you want in one bite.

4.       Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. As you can see, bowls are a great option for meal prepping.

5.       Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili. Double the recipe for chili all week!

6.       Vegan One Pot Pasta. The fewer the amount of dishes the better.

7.       One Pan Thai Coconut Yellow Curry Chicken & Rice. It already sounds delicious.


8.       Easy Chicken Lo Mein. Sucker for classic Chinese dishes? Try this one at home!

9.       Chicken Hummus Naan Wraps Customize it with your own choice of wrap and hummus flavor.

10.   Breakfast Sandwiches A great way to start every morning.  

We hope that you enjoy these recipes!