June Newsletter

"I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you." - Joyce Meyer


We raised $3,668.19 for Walk-for-Wishes! Center for Lifetime Health staff and patients had a great time during our Walk-for-Wishes event. We not only got a lot of extra steps in but we exchanged these steps for donations to Make-a-Wish. Center for Lifetime Health has been donating $1 for every mile that our team has logged during the months of April and May to Walk-for-Wishes. Some people ran, some walked, and others biked. Our team was putting in an average of 370 miles each week! Thank you to everyone that worked hard to help us meet our goal. We have been inspired to continue to do challenges like this in the future and hope that you will join us. 

Here is a quick shout out to individuals that walked/biked more than 100 miles:

Rod L. - 511 miles
Dave J. - 457 miles
Steve T. - 184 miles
Mike S. - 251 miles
Sue R. - 242 miles
Ray A. - 243 miles
Vickie A. - 135 miles
Balt A. - 123 miles
Jacob B. - 112 miles
Casey B. - 101 miles
Hollie G. - 125 miles
Levi G. - 126 miles
Chris M. - 167 miles
Colleen S. - 138 miles
John S. - 176 miles
Ryan V. - 184 miles
Bryan S. - 155 miles 

Such an amazing job from every one of our participants in this challenge! We hope that you all are inspired and continue to join us in an active lifestyle. Your body will thank you!

Get care when you need it! When it comes to acute care such as colds, injuries, allergic reactions, or things of that sort, call us ASAP to make an appointment. Our trained staff will guide you in recommending coming to see us or going to the emergency room/urgent care. When visiting Center for Lifetime Health, we are able to treat you based off of your health history. We believe in treating the whole person and not just the issue at hand. Fragmented care, such as urgent care, is expensive and can lead to more visits down the road. We encourage you to come see us so that we can provide quality, integrated health care every step of the way! 

Measles update. As some of you might have heard, Northern Idaho had their first outbreak of measles last week. Our Center for Lifetime Health staff has put together an informational guide to the measles for you and your family. Open it here


Take care of your mental health. Mental health is essential to everyone's overall health. It affects your relationships, physical well being, and performance. By living a healthy lifestyle, you can prevent the onset or worsening of mental health conditions as well as chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Here are five things you can do everyday to help combat mental health conditions: 
1. Take care of your body. We only have one body so we need to be taking care of it. This means exercising 3 to 4 times a week, eating nutritious meals, and limiting things that harm us such as cigarettes and alcohol. 
2. Talk about your mental health. Bottling up feelings only leads to bigger issues in the end. It is important to address what you are feeling in that moment. Find a friend that you trust or a counselor that can help you navigate your thoughts and feelings when life gets tough. 
3. Take a break. When life gets stressful, take a step back. Try focusing on your breath for two minutes and feel the relief that it brings you in that moment. Realize that its okay to take time for yourself when life gets crazy. 
4. Focus on what makes you happy. Nothing is more important than doing things every day that bring you joy! Do you like cooking? Find a new recipe to make every week. Do you enjoy creating art? Carve out time to be creative! Being creative yields more than cool art projects. It allows for your brain to be functioning in a stress-free environment and in the end will help with your overall mental health.
5. Go outside! When life has you down, take a walk outdoors. Go explore a nearby trail or find a good spot in the park to relax and enjoy the sunshine. The Vitamin D and fresh air will reduce your stress and elevate your mood. 

If you or someone you know is dealing with a mental health illness, please reach out to our office. Our providers are fully equipped to help manage conditions such as anxiety and depression. We want to be your medical home for a lifetime of health! 


Did you know that we provide DOT physicals? Our provider, Colleen Shackelford, NP is certified to provide DOT physicals. We will soon have two providers with their certification as Terryn Martin, NP is also on her way to offering these services. Make an appointment here for you commercial driver's license. Our flexible schedule will usually allow these appointment to be completed within a week. 


Summer is right around the corner and we've got some healthy summer dishes that are definitely going to impress your friends at your next get together. First, is a Summer Corn Salad full of delicious flavors like cilantro and lime. Or try these Grilled Chicken Breasts with Jalapeno Peach Salsa! The perfect dish for those nights spent BBQing on the patio.